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Wisdom Offerings

Fresh Crystal Fruits & Flowers - Valentines Delight

Moonday, January 21, 2013 8:50am ~~~~  Moon moving into Gemini …   Now February 12, 2013 dusk
Cold out.  Very.  Quarter moon.
Silver crescent midday high –
Strung  in a soul-vastness void
                Of Imperial Blue todays.
A Goddess ornament –morning star
An Isis smile – Selene-wise style.
Sign of Sophia
Winged white Dove Spirit of
Winter’s empty clear Apophyllite quartz crystals -
                Rising.  Dissolving…
Within The Holy Breath of Her
Silent-tongued forgiveness
A perfect kiss
Of All and Ever
                Shall be.  SHE.
Ruby-red as sunspots dew
Spin the Cosmos ever new.
Make a wish for you
                Me too…
                                For next season’s holy flower and Bee.
Each, everything,
Inherent change-
Unveiling mists
Of true womb blue.  You.
Silver-blue Snow Priestess’
Crown forms wet green
Clay lunar undulations.
Whose sapphire letters tell
The Story.  Ancient myths
Come alive in the forging finger tips
As winter’s birds’ soprano songs
Light both dusk and dawn.  O
January stillness see Aquarius Water-Bearer cometh!
Don’t you love the chance
The motionless midwinter’s dance?
Where only zero
                May suddenly be expected.