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Wisdom Offerings

Turtle Medicine

Run       Run         Run
I feel sick. Did I eat bad food? Or swallow rotten feelings?
I don’t want to dash off – please, no, not today,
Pollute every moment’s spacious blue expanse with… white static noise. red-noise-action/goals.
Dizzying unclear impluse spending.
Don’t want to soak up - through the worn green “windows of my soul” -
Any free-mails, spam nor pop-up latex peniles (I’m cringing.) - Aggressive reflections! of myriad cyber “opportunities” I fast-forward on to others: Shows; restaurants; openings; sales; teachings of every dimension, denomination; how to Master YourSelf with Japanese slate magnets; Kyanite chakra balancing wands; long-distance laptop Reiki; Himalayan hymns; orbs from Atlantis to energize soul memory; brown buffalo dung to burn at dawn. Emails bumped back to me
for the Recycling Bin. Jimmy crap-corn, inedible, indigestible, glorified experiences to say yes to. Then say no. Creating wicked cycles of self criticism and moral high ground - for not Desiring…to - be – do - have - MORE. ---Enlightenment. Sea salt. Natural Vitamin E. Free flu shots. Stainless steel silver gizmos for acupressure points; love; sex toys; colloidal silver wrist bands for toxin control; experimental belly dance at Raven’s, St. Marks Place.
I don’t want to do any chores today, though I love to clean my mini-temple, especially my crystals, soaking their ancient frozen light in pink Himalayan sea salt, under soft creamy rays of sun and moonlight upon my autumn courtyard sill (salt, I bought last year on line). No!
Chores to maintain the starch stiff structure of my rigid pre-after life. Rat race for results.
Today I wish to unsuffer the gallstone guilt I’ve built accumulating in my gut, all the dry bones, bitter sour pusses rattling my tract; thirty year old butt pain from the first divorce, brand new migraine headache from Invisaline’s wrenching grip - to improve my smile. :-0
Murderous dreams – all from fear….of feelings. Sticky stuffing I create… judging, smudging, curmudgeoning every yellow post-it planned minute. Horizonless circle in which we live.
Combating reality’s true nature. Pure. Open. Rainbow Emptyness. Female Space.
Dancers ricochet off dips and swings and simply utter stillness.
And you know you don’t know. Nor ever have.
I don’t want to put my phone on the hook today. One lavender day of silence. Deep breaths
blather-free and oxygen-charged. Today, I don’t want to wander far from the cozy comfort of my queen-size shallop bed. Argo sails the day. Argo sails the night. Skies. Starlit. Emerald silk Indian pillows adorn telling of Lakshmi, Shiva, Ganesha, sweetgrass and sage dream purses to clear and uplift airs, dreamy feathered goose-down pillows atop two duck-down spreads & Time. Precious Time. We so carelessly swallow. Hole. Tail chasing the monkey. Time.
To unravel gray armadillo suits of what I think you might want from me and I from you.
Me from me, and other boa-strict illusions, slight-of-hands, misunderstands, dangling verbs, prettified nouns. Petrified Conjunctions. I don’t want
to judge pulling a curly hair, the silence I’ve created, drives, overrides and play dates with
The Spirits. Better. Worse. I don’t want too much meaning, just the flavor of a point….
to ponder – flutter off…
Shimmering Chinese butterflies, diaphanous, iridescent mango, ruby, sapphire asteroid tails disappearing in a half-life shadow’s glow. Following the sweetness of nature’s gold dust pollen – sunny honey nectar spreads delicious wild flowers’ essence. And humble bumble bees.
I want to gift myself today. No one else can. Relax. Woman. This is it.

(from The Medicine Cards by Sams & Carson)
10 - Turtle – Mother Earth –If you have chosen the Turtle symbol, you are being asked to honor the creative source within you, to be grounded to the Earth, and observe your situation with motherly compassion….In learning to ground, you are placing focus on your thoughts and actions and slowing to a pace that assures completion.

cherry 10/10/10