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Wisdom Offerings

Torpid Ditty

Yin and Yang are
Out of sorts –
The secret lotus jewel box
Allows no penetration. No
Not until all eyes meet
Exchanging truer selves.
As vulnerable chrysalis’
Open to ecstasy bare
Skinned and fair. My rosemary hair
Untied. Naked of every blinkin’
Thing. Embedded in
Expectation. My one and only. And how to break this female curse?
So far away from home, the glistening gold palace
Walls. A smoky mirrored archway leading to the garden. Am I seeing me
Or you? Can any combo do?
Cleopatra’s on my French marble bistro bed
Stand. Perhaps her story tells!
My flower essences like fresh deutse (pure land medicine) from the lama’s Infinite Mind. Three drops of cherrie seed’s New Attitudes sublingually.
“ In post-meditation be as a child of illusion,” slogan six of point one in
Cultivating Loving Kindness. She/
Me has a long whispered talk
With a six foot tall dancing lizard–
Waltzing in a radiant emerald Chiron field spinning
Through space, romantic dips, sweet pink lizard lips, wondering
Are you my man?
I know anything’s possible
On this traversing rainbow bridge.
Lizard smiles. He likes me but no bullshit
Rap from this high-stepper. Darting tongues. Third eye winks.
And for a split pea second I see
The dawn of non-time happening
Through me. I know it’s hot. 101 and climbing arrogantly.
On the alter near The Sun card
Iced jasmine green tea promises to alter
The ph of my visions. And maybe a cold lavender bubble
Bath. An astral fortune cookie says,
“ Lizards are in season.” Crunchy chewy Chinese treat
Tells it like it is?

cherry 7/2011