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Wisdom Offerings

Temporary Insanity

Trying to distract myself writing poetry,
Lists of goals to fill blank space and time -
Pink tea roses, purple-hearted tulips, pretending I’m in love scratching
The cracking dryness of my wintry skin, perilously flaky dreams…
… Waiting for the King to mate my Queen… Waiting in a densely moonless night…
Phantom Passion… You! Haunt the empty spaces
of my shorter days, the winding charcoal chambers where finally day retreats/
to asphalt dunes of night and sprawling dream-corridors
of diaphanous desire echo breathless sighs where
Restlessly I’ll sleep. And it’s all so boringly familiar… soul-trekking this rutted astral quicksand
of my chronic heart. Exchanging one misconception for another
the same uneasy longing, aching lamentation, metastasizing myth…
     … By substituting you for me, can I avoid the void?

I’m crawling out of my skin trying not to watch tv tonight
Not to fail the fledging feathers of my stirring wings
Rustling the cocoon… and it’s good that I am.
It’s New Year’s Eve which I will take as New Eve’s Year – at last
On the way to
Bill Handford’s downtown salsa bash revving toward ’07
Wearing modern purple, not a stitch of ancient black. I find the A train running
In a rush of year-end steam evaporating the confines of my mini-self… free wheeling new laid tracks past Spring, Canal to Walker…Church and up the lofty flights soon spinning so effortlessly I forget to recall all
That isn’t perfect… stolen, lost, forgotten… cluttering the flow- I am dancing through the temporary insanity of my memory loss with no time to dissect the steps lost
and found and lost then found, in instinct – the party’s getting started. I raise my glass - The party’s getting started –inside all
                                                                      over again.

cherry linda 1/07