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Wisdom Offerings



blood red I AM
your ferocious tongue
your corpse-body dance
your charnel-ground sister
your Shiva-the-Destroyer companion, mate
your sword of ineffable fearless striking -
the dripping skulls you ornament
your pure naked body, dark blue, hot as burning ice -
your honey soul beyond all measure, beyond all time
your cherry-tart devotion
ripe with Mother-lusty laughter -

before the breath before the sound before
the pregnant oval light – OM -
behind datura-mystery priestess veils, under the sapphire starfish-sea that was not yet
unfurled -
SHE began to undulate, uncoil, hissing spiral cobra flames which dance! HER inevitable
     Desire -
lightening-silver serpentine femme-fatal kundalini spireworks -
unnerving dusky mental planes of his rigid quick-sand thinking -
melting in the ethers through Her perfume-pussy pasts -
befores – side winding
next beginnings, white gardenia petal sweet intoxication mists

you may not recollect
the unspeakable shock you felt where SHE became
aroused. O yea. She could picture in her mind (to come)…
that which
SHE would bring to the hum drum world of form, no man
could imagine falling into her flamingo lava-pools of love. and death.

to crack his soulless mirror, to fill the ragged cracks with HER
ebb, HER flow, HER ever swelling emptiness,
smiling ruby cunt lips of primal astral fire
cherub-pink gateway to ecstatic life

through the unseen waking dawn, the rapture…
O Kali Yuga dying…to be reborn ten trillion suns! lighting
gold and amber stardust trails of super nova
lust-explosions he would taste like manna drops, like star-fruit melting on the desert-thirsty tongue –like finding the piece you couldn’t imagine you had lost
how could you exist without it? without HER singing wildly drumming
spirialing inevitable seas of our Creations. Alone All would be lost.
Outside the Box.

cherry cohen ‘08