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Wisdom Offerings

the prophesy fulfilled

(Alchemy Formula #2)

My head’s finally above water, since that God almighty Flood when my emotions could no longer contain me. up ‘til now I couldn’t breathe. but for the painful gills.

it’s true, time heals (breathing deeply) still… there are doubts, reservations, insecurities.
okay… self defenses! so much trauma from the past.

Man you’re hot. Solarized!
and yes, I have wanted to return to you long as I could dream. wanted to meet you all the way in rainbow ecstasy. not hold back, repeat the same mistakes. I do feel wise and powerful …I’ve learned to exist without you

Cause…let’s face it -
So far Love... We’ve failed.
I just can’t stand rejection - and I know how much you like to win - but I’m hoping this time you can really hear me, man.

(ching ching ching the Chinese coins,
                       the hissing cobras rattle)

How will ancient separation-codes be broken? Stars inside me reconciled?
Eye to eye, facing extinction…will I attack in fear or
know my own reflection? within the changing lines?

One day,” twin serpents whisper,
                         “All IS Revealed.

letting go, holding on, letting on, holding go! xoxoxoweeeeeeeeee” Alchemy Formula #2

by the sea this morning, early morning sea,
only crabs and seabirds watching the sun
come up with me, the crescent moon
         which lingers.
orb of yellow fire rising in a bubble-blue liquid sky, high, high, high hopes for us, hopes which set off ancient stirrings…

all those perfectly sealed memories, each a gilded jewel box containing clues for my
beneath-the-surface-mind. inky patterns tracing our course in prehistoric life-forms aching to break the hard-edged frames, penetrating fear       with loving.

the scurrying sideways. two black gulls soar to silhouette as one.
in flashes of sudden insight I know who I am with you. beyond existence toward eternal life.
whenever you’re ready for that quintessential
in-and-out-of-body experience

               let me give you a hug.

cherry cohen 06

The artwork at the left,
Alchemy Formula #2
by Asandra,
is replicated
for optimum effect
with the words