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Wisdom Offerings


Roya Hakakian

What stately walls these are. But I am no one’s fool, for they mean to contain my restless soul. I must forgo the comforts of these weary grounds, And so began the journey….

In the frenzy of a bazaar, a soothsayer entrusts her with a secret, and a wise oracle cautions her of the glories and the pitfalls. “We shall not forsake you!” The breeze and the drop of rain serenade her. “You command all that blooms.”

In these waters, I will wade. My skin, the Sun’s canvas.

Flocks of strangers approach. Take heart, child of a thousand journeys, you have the power to disarm their most ferocious warriors. Is this the kindred spirit to whom I must entrust the soothsayer’s secret?

In the promised land of your love, of contentedness, one of my own making, I have at last arrived.

No time to rest. You have not come so far only to revel in yourself. Remember the oracle! Rise, child of a thousand journeys! Your most fruitful journey of all can only begin at the end of this. Rise! Wear your grief and all your yearnings with pride, and they will adorn you. Come hear the story of the one whose restless spirit hovers over these grounds. Come hear the tale of a journey of rebellion, inquiry, and passion. The story of the One –

of everyone.