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Wisdom Offerings

My New Skin

Already the challenging edges of 09
fade into the pulsing net
The Record Keepers hold, to be filed
“ Past. 2009” Sealed.

It’s noontime, new decade
blank canvass, pages wide empty – as
anything goes, comes, unfolding swift scenarios
In this Time of Avatar, Self Improvement Beings
We are feeling
for connections.

Noticing the stranglehold of tension-build up –
(I want to shed this crackling skin)
My body feels like a medieval suit of armor…
Shrinking my emotional repertoire, churning my stomach,
tightening my throat chakra, scrunching my winter-neck –
Will I store this infernal toxic waste
In my very essence? Can I choose?

And what?
Will I hold on to-
Will I let go…release
Into that gigantic throbbing skeleton
of anodyne Past?

I look around, my clan, we
heart-beating works in progress –
Pale pink leopard orchid
Opening new flowers – Maialino, cappuccino -
I’ve turned Green Tara tonka upside down
to remind me
          to do yoga.

Thick cream on the diaphanous raspberries
We share together -
Crab Cakes discovering who
to Bee –
The late night stillness before
The ball dropped, reading Baldwin – Angel Cards - Blue Lotus Tea -
The higher Circles I trapeze, the depth of listening.
Discovering where I see you –
I am recognized. Understanding
Love is bigger than fear.

                                                   cherry 1/2010