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Wisdom Offerings

Hymn to Usha
Goddess of Dawn

Translated by Jean Le Mee

Blessed, bearing the sun, the eye of the Gods,
Leading her white horse, magnificent to see,
Dawn reveals herself arrayed in beams of light,
And with boundless glory she transforms the world.

O fair one, banish the enemy with light!
And prepare for us broad pastures free from fear!
Ward off hatred, bring us your priceless treasure!
O bountiful, shower blessings on the singer!

Illumine us with your glorious splendor,
O divine Dawn! Enrich and lengthen our lives,
O Goddess full of grace! Grant us fulfillment
And cows, horses, and chariots in abundance!

O Daughter of Heaven, Dawn of noble birth
Whom the men of glory celebrate in hymns,
Establish in us wealth sublime and mighty!
O Gods protect us always with your blessings!

This hymn is from the Rig-Veda, an ancient Hindu text that dates back to c. 1500-1000BC and consists of 1,028 hymns addressed to various deities.