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Wisdom Offerings

The Ascension Queen

"Come," the Ascension Queen beckons. "Learn to fly! With me."

If we choose to follow, we are lead through many beginnings. And endings. Many death-defying frightening illusion-shattering gates. To other dimensions. Times. Spaces. Imaginings. Archetypal frames. To be freed of human bondage and the limitations of reason.

This website, the vibrational essences and teachings herein offer ways to facilitate and activate our Higher Selves...another way of Being. Spiritual circles call the process of separating the "ego I" from the Spirit "I AM" - The Ascension. It is a process of purification. Letting go. Shedding outworn skins. Releasing pain, fear, doubt, dis-ease, limitation, lack. And all else that constricts and binds us to our lower survival based selves. It is a process of consciously choosing to turn our Self, our life, our path, our attention, over to a higher power or higher perspective. Which is to be found within. Ourselves. In the climb. And in so doing, we quicken our cellular vibration, creating the Light Body. Jesus, the Christ, is our primary Western example of this rising. It is a way of being that seeks the beauty, the positive, the lesson in all circumstances and all challenges which make up our daily story. It is a way of being that fully assumes our personal responsibility for everything in our life. Everything. It is creative. Powerful. And never-ending.

In the ascension process we lean to our hearts for direction and guidance. We come to live under The Law of Grace. Knowing All in our life is meant to be. For we, in some way, touch All. That is. The sublime yogi Paramahansa Yogananda likened the human being to a radio station. Continuously broadcasting messages, frequencies to the universe. Sending out thoughts and patterns of thinking which other lifeforms pick up. Absorb. To realize this view is to be conscious, to be responsible for our mind's play. What we create and amplify as our personal signals to each planetary citizen and beyond.

The mind must be trained, just as the body must be trained, in the ways of health and happiness. But once embraced, the path of ascending spirals us ever upward with full and open hearts. With a call and a Spirit song for freedom that none of the paths of the material world could ever hope to bestow. Much of the time though, in lifting ourselves up, we are literally in the dark, the underworld. Where confusion and pulls to former ways that do not work for us tear at our mobility. We must, however, wade, move through, step by step, the pains and the fears and self-created doubts we are choosing to release. We must crawl inside the blackest edges of the most bone chilling nights to open the doors wide. For bright moonlight and shimmering stardust to rain from heavenly places. For the caroling of the angels to sound. For our truest Self to be. Found! For no intellectual journey is this. No voyage of the reasoning, or reasonable mind. No left brain sojourn. We must dig deep into the very nuclei of our cellular structures. Patterns. To where the information is stored. To release. Reprogram. Reconstruct. We must access our deepest emotions through circumstance, relationship, searching and cleansing the soul. We must return, perhaps, one hundred times, to the darkest passage way, the most frightening dream, the lair of the most dangerous monster. So that we may bring back the Light. To all the dark places. We must be willing. No dedicated! To choosing the highest thoughts imaginable. The most loving, life affirming, health supportive perspectives we can conjure for ourselves each time circumstance permits. That highest thought will expand. Enlarge. Will reach new heights with our own constant movement. Toward higher realms. More trusting and loving ways of being. While the whole world becomes more beautiful around us....While the journey may be difficult. Life challenging even. With the seed of Light firmly planted in the traveling soul, joy takes root. Ascension follows. It's like having a baby! Once born.
The pain of childbirth quickly fades...

by wand'a gold! (aka Linda Cohen)