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What clients and colleagues are saying about Linda Cohen

TO LINDA, I extend my deepest gratitude to you for the opportunity of a lifetime. This course (The Apprenticeship Program) has changed my life and has opened my eyes much more deeply, my heart, my soul, guiding me closer down my path towards my Devine Purpose...TO HELP PEOPLE. You have been a blessing in my life. I pray you are continuously blessed with great health, joy, love, prosperity and success! Thank you so much! -- Shawn 11/22/2020

I loved the three-part Tarot program. I found the structure very useful for personal study. You gave us a good amount of information that we could go home and study that month until our next meeting. I kind of wish it were longer actually! Or maybe a level two or part two would be a fun way to go deeper. It would also be cool to practice reading tarot for someone else. However, all the information was great and wonderfully organized. I had a lot of fun and I gained sooo much insight into the cards in such a short period of time. - Sarah M.

I can honestly say that taking Linda's Flower Essence Therapy Apprenticeship was one of the most positive and healing experiences of my life. Linda is not only highly organized, communicative, and extremely experienced in her knowledge of FET, she is also simply just a beautiful and generous angel of a human. I appreciated so much the structure she offered in this course, her sharing of knowledge, her transparency of her own journey, and her encouragement and compassion throughout the process towards all her students. Both in group and one on one, she was nothing but supportive of my healing and learning journey, and created a safe space in which I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts, feelings, and personal traumas. I highly recommend this apprenticeship to anyone interested in digging deeper into their own healing journey and soul path. Linda will gift you with the priceless knowledge of a beautiful tool that can help support and empower you in that process, as well as teach you how to begin to share this magic with others. She's the best! Thank you again for this experience and all you have offered me. I am so excited to start practicing this skill! - Amanda R.

I have great admiration and respect for my teacher Linda Cohen. Her instruction during the nine-month apprenticeship Flower Essence program is by far the best. During the nine months course, I was able to submerge myself into Flower Essences and allow for deep transformation and healing. In order to fully reclaim my true destiny... [Read More]

I so enjoyed and benefited so much our Flower Essence class that I want to take it again! I am interested in taking your Flower Essence Apprenticeship class again and possibly the Tarot class-which start the last week of September 2018. How do I register for them??? - Ellen S.

...I highly recommend her as a worthy speaker on the benefits and promise of flower essence therapy... [read more] - Richard Katz, Founder FES

...Linda has personally assisted me both with private clients and in holistic workshops. She is highly qualified and is recommended by me as a nutritional counselor in my book Healing Your Body Naturally... [read more] - Gary Null, Holistic Health Pioneer

...Dearest Linda, Thank ou so very much for an amazingly inspiring class!!! All of us flower power girls loved it and learned a great deal as well... [read more] - Lata Kennedy, Owner of Flower Power Herbs and Roots

...It was your idea that we work on something related to men and relationships, etc. In "releasing all negative patterns and experiences with men" I began a journey that was probably the most subtle yet results oriented in my life. In record time, I was able to see, feel and manifest that which had eluded me for two decades... [read more] - Beverly H.

The apprenticeship program gave me a great opportunity to explore many different flower essences with the experienced guidance of Linda Cohen. She offered a support that helped clear the way for the power of the flowers and anchored the meaning for the whole process. I not only moved myself to new levels of self understanding but I had a great time
doing it. - Rachel R.

...I highly recommend Linda Cohen in any capacity as a Flower Essence Therapist and Teacher. She is highly professional, always prepared and her materials are well presented. Her dedication to this work was always reflected by the healing and guidance I felt from her... [read more] - Elizabeth H.

...I am greatful to have met you, and I feel fortunate to be part of your group of students... [read more] - Daniele

Thank you for sending the bottle of elixir. It really works! - Flossie

Dear Linda, It was certainly a profound experience working with you. May you continue to blossom in your work; the world will be a better place for it. Thank you with love, Janice

Dear Linda, The flower essence has definitely taken the edge off the pain in my knee - particularly at night. It does help! Thanks! Flossie

...Thank you for your generous contribution & support toward the Othmer Cancer Center’s Afternoon of Weliness... [read more] -Carole F. and Aimee S.

...Her formulas work! I would not hesitate to use her services again if and when the need arises. Linda Cohen is dedicated to her work and I highly recommend her... [read more] - Sheilan

...Linda Cohen has been instrumental in bringing more awareness and enthusiasm to our devoted customer base here at Integral Yoga Natural Apothecary with regard to flower essence therapy... [read more] - Lisa, Integral Yoga

...I reluctantly applied the elixir you provided - within a few days the pain had substantially subsided - and for the most part I am able to function as I did before... [read more] - F. Z.

...I feel much better about myself because of this shift. The future seems brighter, and with more opportunities... less fear. Thank you Linda for this incredible Gift... [read more] -Janice Z.

Thank you very much for being in my life and help/assisting me in make it better.... for your compassionate support, your patient approach and effective suggestions. [read more] - Adelia S.

Meeting the Alaskan Essences 2013 -- Linda, I love what you wrote! I am moved. You are beautiful and what you do. Very necessary. Love to you, Sesame