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March 2004


Linda Cohen studied Flower Essence Therapy with me in 2002 at the New York Open Center. After she became certified with me she also took the Flower Essence Society (FES) training in the summer of 2002. I was then a case study subject for her in the FES training as she completed her certification with them.

Ms. Cohen is an enthusiastic and diligent student. Her attendance in my training program was an inspiration. She was always focused and interactive with the material and activities. Her assignments were always completed in a timely manner and impressively presented.

When I was her case study subject for the FES essences I found Ms. Cohen to be attentive and insightful in interpreting my needs. She always worked closely with me to choose essences to support my momentary issues and long term growth intentions. Her counsel and choice of essences also
pushed me to be more committed to and trusting of my inner vision which I needed at the time. She is a gifted and engaging Flower Essence Therapist and, as such, a teacher.

I highly recommend Linda Cohen in any capacity as a Flower Essence Therapist and Teacher. She is highly professional, always prepared and her materials are well presented. Her dedication to this work was always reflected by the healing and guidance I felt from her. She is also one who practices what she preaches and her insights are revealed by this.

Elizabeth Willoughby
424 Broome St.
New York City