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January 8, 2003

Dear Linda,

As you know, being my close dear friend, my nutritional guide, advisor of all sorts, and Flower Essence Therapist, many changes have occurred in my life of late. I guess it all started
with m re~entry into New York City. Change brings change as we know.

I remember our first sessions, I think it was the first, but you keep better records than I do, so you would know. It was your idea that we work on something related to men and
relationships, etc. In "releasing all negative patterns and experiences with men" I began a journey that was probably the most subtle yet results oriented in my life. In record time, I was
able to see, feel and manifest that which had eluded me for two decades. I cannot say which essences did what, or how or when. I only know that the shift in perspective, as well as actions
and reactions, enabled me to open my heart and head to a wonderful relationship and allow myself to be the warm loving person I had shielded, protected and hidden in the past -- while
also allowing myself to be loved. it is truly a miracle for me and I do believe the flower essences were a most integral part of this movement in a new positive direction in my life.

Also, having gone through a traumatic physical injury due to an accident shortly after this new relationship, more challenges presented themselves and luckily the flower essences were
there once again to help me through and I am most appreciative to you for prescribing exactly the flower remedy formula for such a time.

What’s next? I do not know. But it is comforting to know that as life changes come along we are blessed to have the knowledge of the flowers come to our aid through the
experienced guidance of devoted therapists -- most especially in my case, my dear friend, much loved, you Linda, who knows better than I, in most cases, which beautiful blossom can lift, shift and heal me... with loving support, and most importantly, restore and heal myself.., For file benefit of a/I beings’.

Beverly H.