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February 20, 2019

I have great admiration and respect for my teacher Linda Cohen. Her instruction during the nine-month apprenticeship Flower Essence program is by far the best. During the nine months course, I was able to submerge myself into Flower Essences and allow for deep transformation and healing. In order to fully reclaim my true destiny and my spiritual gifts mother nature, guided me to this class. I was able to immerse my self into my clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient gifts and allow it to expand beyond what I thought was possible. In addition, Flower Essences healed my heart and opened me to forgive others, relinquish stored trauma in my womb chakra and build workshops of my own.

During my one month use of Grace Formula, I found my womb chakra ready to heal. These essences worked deeply in purifying a mix of emotional abuse, stored anger, and fear of fully being a womb-man in a male-dominated society. At the close of my one month use of the formula, I had vivid visions of women reaching out to me for assistance. At first, I did find this odd, until I was compelled to begin my first workshop, "Healing The Feminine Spirit From The Inside Out". I used this workshop to introduce Flower Essences to victims of sexual assault and to offer knowledge on how emotions play an essential role in our organs and chakras. To teach the body, mind, and spirit is a complex unique system of energy when understood, can unlock the doorway to the Cosmic Mother.

My teacher training as a Reiki Master and now a Flower Essence Therapist has opened me to feel energy potently, be more conscious of the thoughts I have throughout the day and more importantly align with those who seek to benefit from my highest calling and vice versa. I know that Linda Cohen's teachings are not only a blessing but highly significant. In New York, there are numerous Flower Essence practitioners who do not have the skills Linda has imparted to her students. I am forever grateful to be a student of Linda Cohen.