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The Sacred Tarot
Key to the Wisdom of the Ages

Study and practice will lead to greater self-awarenes
and a higher Spiritual Perspective of life…
With its many trials and many lessons to master.
Linda Cohen------ through Zoom

Linda Cohen
Linda Cohen has extensive training and experience in The Sacred Mystery School Teachings. Linda teaches and gives Tarot and other readings regularly at Aum Shanti Bookshop. Linda has extracted, from much dense, fascinating, and “secret” ancient sacred traditions, a practical, fun, and step-by-step method of learning what Tarot IS and how to best use Tarot teachings and practice to: (1) Help yourself and others with significant questions and life directions; (2) As on-going spiritual practice, encouraging higher states of consciousness and greater daily mindfulness through Experience and Wisdom gleaned working with this amazing living oracle.

Class 1: The Major Arcana Saturday, March 13th 2-3:30pm
This class will include an introduction to the 22 Major Arcana cards as pictorial representations of Major Archetypes of the human soul progressing through “Stations” on “The Wheel of Life”. We will learn of the cards intimate connection to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and touch upon correspondences with The Tree of Life and The Kabbalah. From The Fool, The Zero card, to The World, card 21, we follow the soul’s path of evolution towards higher consciousness. We will learn origins of the Tarot, significant symbolism of the cards, and how to bring these magical archetypes to life in our world. Each glyph, card, is a universe unto itself and yet is inexorably linked to the cards before and after it… leading from the soul’s incarnation, ultimately, to Spiritual Realization.

Class 2: The Minor Arcana Saturday March 27th 2-3:30pm
We will “meet” the 56 Minor Arcana cards of the Tarot. We will learn the 4 major suits of the Tarot:
(1) Wands/Fire/Spirit; (2) Cups/Water/Emotions; (3) Swords/Air/Intellect; and (4) Pentacles/Earth/the Material World. We will “meet” the Court cards of each suit as well as learn the occult meanings of numbers. We will increase our knowledge of the Tarot’s primary symbolism and extensive system of spiritual correspondences.

Class 3: Beginning Our Practice Saturday April 3rd 2-3:30pm
We will start to cultivate our own unique Tarot practice by learning rituals and ceremony to accompany our practice- as well as learning several different layouts for the cards. We will cultivate our Tarot intuition. We will learn how to meditate on the cards in fun, active and satisfying processes.
We will each learn to formulate significant questions and use our cards to receive insight, clarity and answers..

Classes may be taken separately
but the full course is highly recommended.

Each student will need a Tarot deck.
It is best to have the Rider Waite deck
Each student should purchase a copy of Eden Gray’s
(1) The Complete Guide to the Tarot
and or
Rachel Pollack’s 78 Degrees of Wisdom
and where finances allow,
the best book on The Major Arcana is
(2) THE TAROT – A Key to Wisdom of the Ages
by Paul Foster Case.

Contact Linda Cohen
or 212-957-7722

Each class is $50 but the entire program
is highly recommended