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Sacred Tarot Teachings
with Linda Cohen


This program is NOT for beginners…
unless you attend the preliminary workshops!

The first preliminary workshop
is Wednesday, August 15th, 6:30-8pm
- $30 -
at my place*

Depending on attendance
there may be a second preliminary workshop
on Wednesday September 12th
- $30 -

The preliminary workshop is necessary for anyone who is NOT familiar with the Tarot!

It is also recommended for anyone who is not familiar with the Rider Waite deck or simply needs some brushing up.

Once we begin the heart of the teachings on Wednesday, September 26th, we will begin with The Major Arcana. You will need a Rider Waite or Smith Waite deck and at least one good reference book- several will be recommended
for the course.


The course will run in sections - the first vital section will be The Major Arcana, which will begin on September 26, from 6:30—8pm. Of course there will be time off and the rest depends on how much time students want to spend on the "subjects"...

It is $75 per month with a maximum two hour running time.

I am certified in both The Rider Waite deck through Ellen Goldberg and The Voyager deck through James Wanless and have studied extensively with other expert teachers. I have learned so much about the Tarot in working with Ellen Goldberg these past 4 years, it's only fair and joyful to share the knowledge. The Tarot is my favorite!

We'll cover the Major Arcana first and will always include little known information from esoteric sources. While I will facilitate, the class is also for sharing and practicing and greatly enlarging our view of the Sacred Tarot as a useful and invaluable tool for self-understanding and growth.

We will work with sacred numerology, astrology, the elements, various "correspondences", learning different spreads, how to pose questions, how to shuffle, practice time and much I have yet to map out.

I am hoping to accumulate a fine group of seekers to forge on together. And of course I want it to be fun and filled with mystery! Love to have you with us! Please ask any questions you may have and thoughts you wish to share.

This study will be a journey into evolution of the higher mind. It will be both practical and meditative. We will imagine ourselves inside the great Archetypes of the Major Arcana as The Wheel of Fortune spins! We will reflect upon the many lessons the Minor Arcana has to offer! We will work with both as we make this hallowed practice our own. What better way to move into the next stages of our lives, equipped with a magical vehicle that can open doors to our deepest selves and dimensions we have yet to travel.

After the first session on September 26th, lessons will approximately one month apart. The exact dates will be announced shortly.

*Please contact:
Linda Cohen
25 Central Park West
Apartment 17H
New York, New York 10023