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A Flower Essence Perspective
For Emotional Well-Being
with FES Certified Linda Cohen

Flower essences are unique, completely natural, liquid preparations made from blossoms of fresh flowers. “Nature’s vitamins for the emotions,” each flower holds within its blossom a code for healing emotional imbalances. Dr. Edward Bach, in the 1930s, in England, began treating patients according to their psychological states in order to seek real cures for their ailments, rather than simply palliating symptoms. As herbs work to heal the physical body, essences work to release negative emotions and promote positive character traits such as patience, faith, courage and joy. Emotional healing often filters to the physical and significantly aids in healing bodily ailments as well. Having great success, his time-honored remedies can be found today in health food stores and many pharmacies throughout the US and many nations abroad.

In the late 1970s, in Northern California, The Flower Essence Society, FES, was founded by Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski. With a global outreach to more than 60,000 practitioners, FES has pioneered clinical flower essence research, along with field botanical studies of flower essence plants. Greatly expanding upon the work of Bach, FES flower essences also address many modern-day issues. Inner well-being leads to outer well-being including: improved self-image; improved health; enhanced creativity; coping with stress; releasing addictions; embracing one’s sexuality; releasing pain from physical and sexual abuse; right livelihood; better relationships; greater clarity and optimism; self-empowerment through conscious living and joyful self-expression; actualizing of goals and resolutions; greater spiritual awareness; support through current crises; as well as assisting long-term inner growth and change. The Flower Essence Repertory, by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz, is a comprehensive guide to North American and English remedies which cross-references and provides in-depth descriptions for more than 140 flower essences.

While a certified holistic nutritionist through Gary Null since 1991, Linda has chosen to focus her healing practice exclusively using flower essences. Based in Manhattan, she counsels and teaches around the country. Sessions may be in person, by phone or by email. Sessions include a custom-blended flower essence formula with complete descriptions of all flower essences, affirmations, and suggested “soul work.”