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The Four Levels of Flower Essence Response
(4Rs) by Patricia Kaminski, FES Co-Founder

The Four R's of Flower Essence Response: An Overview

1. Release, Relaxation or Rejuvenation: This is the most immediate and perceptible response to flower essences. It is often felt as a physical release or shift. In this first phase of healing, the energy systems within the physical-soul bodies have been stimulated and are working toward a new center of balance. A general sense of calm, relaxation, or alertness is usually experienced, although a spectrum of other physiological responses can occur, such as changes in breathing, sleeping and eating. While most responses promote a sense of well-being, some may feel unpleasant or unexpected, such as the release of tears if being treated for grief, or pronounced sleepiness for some conditions of stress and overwhelm. These initial physiological responses gradually subside as the stimuli from the flower essences are integrated and balanced with the mind-body complex.

2. Realization and Recognition: In this stage the archetypal qualities of the flower essences work more deeply into the soul, producing new cognitive awareness about feelings and behavior. A "witness consciousness" is developed which allows insight into the hidden, or "shadow" aspects of the personality that have been contributing to dysfunctional patterns. By recognizing these parts of ourselves, we change not only physiologically, but psychologically. As with Stage One, these initial psychological insights can at times be uncomfortable, but as we come to know ourselves more honestly and gain control over previously hidden aspects of our personality, we achieve greater emotional and mental clarity, inner resilience and well-being.

3. Reaction, Resistance and Reconciliation: The first two stages deal mostly with present time, and can be sufficient healing for body-soul issues which are not deeply patterned. However, in most healing work we can trace far more profound soul influences that operate at subterranean depths of consciousness, affecting the over-all health, belief systems, attitudes and creative potential of each individual. These more significant soul wounds usually involve soul history, such as early childhood experiences at times of great vulnerability, religious, political or other cultural conditioning, traumatic stress which was not fully resolved at the time of occurrence, or karmic patterns inscribed into the soul destiny at birth. Skillful application of flower essences in Stage Three facilitates deep psychological work, combined with complementary modalities like counseling, dream and journal work, meditation and visualization, art therapy and other self-awareness techniques. This stage may appear retrogressive when old patterns leap up to oppose forthright efforts of change. The alchemical stage is set for an "awareness crisis" which releases both physical and psychological residue from the past. By reconciling the buried aspects of self-identity and integrating them with conscious understanding, the soul achieves in-depth healing and transformation.

4. Renewal and Reconstellation: While the first two stages operate primarily in present time, and the third stage reaches into the deep past of the human soul, the fourth stage in flower essence therapy points to its future destiny. In Stage Four we are able to identify new possibilities concerning life purpose and the ability to manifest that purpose. One of the profound truths of genuine flower essence therapy is that when soul wounding is addressed in a transformational manner, those very areas of previous pain and limitation become nodal points for new potential and soul evolution. For instance, an individual who may have been the victim of social discrimination and suffers from low self-esteem, anger and poor physical vitality can use flower essence therapy to transform these limiting conditions into positive qualities of inner-strength, self-worth and compassionate consideration for the suffering of others. These soul virtues will in turn lead to new possibilities in the destiny and creative potential of such a person.