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Flower Essence Therapy
a Healing Art

Flower essence therapy is an exciting, empowering, healing modality first intuited by ancient cultures eons ago and formalized by Dr. Edward Bach in England in the 1930s. Flower essence therapy is a journey of mind/body/spirit toward health, wholeness and self-actualization -- a dynamic healing adventure in direct harmony with Nature and one’s Higher Self. It is a revolutionary approach to total well being in that it works from the inside out. Healing functions as an unlayering process whereby the client and therapist work together to target and release negative thinking and behavior patterns. At the same time a conscious effort is made to identify positive personality traits and behaviors which the client is empowered to cultivate. Negative emotions and the “mind ruts” they produce are viewed as a primary cause of disease and personal stagnation. As negative thought patterns are cleared and replaced with more positive states of mind through increased self awareness and energy-- not only does the client experience greater peace of mind and goal actualization but also physical health often greatly improves. Wellness might include, but not be limited to: creating vibrant good health; identifying one’s life work with respect to career; a deepening sense of purpose; achieving major goals; healing relationships; clearing addictions; increasing energy levels; successful weight management; enhancing self-esteem; deepening spiritual awareness and practice; support through major life transitions in an on-going dynamic creative process of self expression on every level.

Flower essences are unique, completely natural, liquid potentized preparations made from fresh blossoms of flowers. The blossoms release their unique patterns, or frequencies, into pure spring water, as highly specific messengers, or healing codes, from the Heart of Nature. Essences address every emotional issue you might imagine, from healing myriad forms of fear to helping pave the way to “follow your bliss.” While herbs, also derived from plants, are primarily used to heal the physical body, flower essences are used primarily to heal the emotional body, yet often positively impact total wellness. One might view taking flower essences as the “spirit” or healing archetype of the flower communicating directly with one’s Higher Self, which yearns for healing. Flower essences are vibrational medicines. Only mere traces of their physical substance infuse the remedies, thus, essences can cause no harm. Only the healing code, or etheric imprint of the flower (the flower’s DNA so to speak), is released into the alchemical elixir. It is this sublime little voice which nurturingly speaks to your consciousness, encouraging uplifting soul qualities.

After in-depth interviews between practitioner and client, time frames and treatment goals are established. Additional supportive healing modalities, such as affirmations, dream work, journaling, creative art, visualization techniques and Tarot are also used to complete the prescription for creative transformation. The flower essence therapist prepares a one-ounce remedy from a few synergistic essences to be taken by the client for a period of about one month. A general guideline for treatment is six months. As certain key issues are addressed and moved through, both gentle and startling breakthroughs in consciousness and healing may occur. While flower essence therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment or psychotherapy, flower remedies are a perfect complement to almost any healing modality. If you, or someone you know, might benefit from such a meaningful, life-enhancing healing journey with an FES Certified Flower Essence Therapist & Gary Null Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor, please contact Linda.