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Case Studies
by Linda Cohen

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Physical Trauma and Wound Healing
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Case studies are in-depth reports which can be offered to The Flower Essence Society, or other reputable organizations, to further their invaluable research. Case studies follow an individual/client through a series of flower essence cycles. Most often flower essence cycles are approximately one-month in length, though they may also be two-week cycles, or any consistent segment of time which allows for growth and positive change.

It is suggested, that the person being case-studied be followed for a period of at least 4 essence cycles*. In my own work, I use the one-month cycle and therefore follow each case-studied individual for a minimum of 4 to 5 months.

Relevant initial information is taken from the client through the use of a background form and personal one-hour interview. With this information in mind, I document the process of how I choose essences for the client based on the background form information, the personal interview and my observations and intuitions. When the client returns for the next essence cycle, I, again, conduct an in-depth one-hour interview to assess the client’s progress. Together, we review the essences used during the previous month, changes or shifts the client has experienced, obstacles the client has experienced, insights, healing crises, journaling or creative “soul” work the client has produced in order to support and facilitate positive changes, and where the client is in terms of our goals for treatment. A new essence formula is created and given to the client for the upcoming month along with healing affirmations, creative work, and an emphasis on cultivating conscious intention for positive change.

*FES states in their “Case Reporting Form”…
“…all reports, no matter the length or source, are considered valid. (Flower essence practitioners who wish to give a more detailed therapeutic report can request our case evaluation/client background forms, or request an in-person interview.) We are interested in careful observation detailing the changes the flower essences facilitated, the issues addressed, and the ways the essences were selected and used.”
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